Historic Alexandria Foundation's Advocacy Program

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy Image Advocacy takes many forms. Anyone can become an advocate for historic preservation, and if you are reading this, you are ready to begin. Advocating Historic Alexandria's preservation issues agenda does not require scholarly expertise in local history and architecture. But it does require a knowledgeable interest in Alexandria’s history, architecture and environment, a willingness to donate time and effort, and a passion for community heritage.

How does Historic Alexandria Foundation advocate for historic preservation?

Advocacy Image The Foundation is a catalyst for community preservation action, a proactive motivator for heritage issues, and a respondent to specific preservation issues, concerns, and opportunities. The Foundation tracks the plans and policies of local, state, and national agencies and officials and how their actions effect historic preservation is a form of advocacy. The Foundation attends and speaks at the City of Alexandria’s Board of Architecture Review on active preservation issues, and City Council meetings when appropriate.

Make your voice heard!

Become a member or contribute to the Historic Alexandria Foundation and/or the National Trust for Historic Preservation. These organizations are devoted to the preservation, protection, and use of local, state, and national historic resources, and your contribution of time, money, research materials, or other resources will bolster these efforts and extend the power of your advocacy to make a significant difference in Alexandria. To become a member of the Historic Alexandria Foundation, please click here.