Historic Alexandria Foundation Plaque Program

HAF Plaque image

The Historic Alexandria Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Alexandria's historic and architectural heritage. One of the methods used is to award plaques to those buildings that have retained their architectural integrity and that are at least one hundred years old.

Program History. When the first plaques were issued as a pioneer effort in the 1960s, firm standards and criteria had not been established. Plaques were awarded primarily on the basis of age, regardless of alterations. Starting in 1977, the determining basis became a listing in Historic Alexandria, Street by Street, written by Ethelyn Cox, and published by the Foundation.

In the 1980s our standards were revised. In addition to being one hundred years old, houses must have architectural integrity to receive a plaque. Buildings throughout the city that are one hundred years old and that have architectural integrity may be eligible for a plaque. The plaques are now awarded only after an inspection by an independent consulting architect or architectural historian, using the criteria listed below. The plaques also have a new look; they are bronze, as compared to the earlier aluminum plaques.

The plaques are a symbol of stewardship. Owners of these special houses are stewards of Alexandria's architectural heritage. Members of the Foundation are always available to offer advice on the proper methods of conserving or restoring these historic buildings. The Foundation’s objective is to increase the number of plaques on qualifying properties in Alexandria.