Why Preserve?

Historic preservation is saving Alexandria’s past, our cultural heritage, and our historic built environment. We preserve because we are concerned with conservation, maintenance, protection, and repair.

Why Preserve

Historic preservation includes the architectural aspects of our heritage from buildings and other structures to historic sites and entire communities. Historic canals, landscapes, industries, lighthouses, scenic views, and archaeological ruins are all part of our cultural heritage. The HAF considers our heirloom craftsmanship, building materials, tools, and construction methods. The description and documentation of all aspects of our heritage and history are a vital part of historic preservation. In addition to protecting and saving our heritage, Alexandria’s historic preservation efforts foster an appreciation of our diverse cultural heritage.

To many, the economic benefits of historic preservation may be the most important. Historic preservation provides an avenue to enrich and revitalize our lives and communities. It creates jobs, revitalizes downtown areas, stimulates businesses, and ultimately, makes communities more vital. Historic preservation offers tax incentives, funding possibilities, motivation for community involvement, and fosters community spirit. Historic preservation enables communities to become economically viable and livable.