The Historic Alexandria Foundation

HAF Preservation Awards

In 1997, HAF established a Preservation Awards Program to recognize outstanding efforts in restoration, conservation and stewardship of historic properties. Individuals, businesses or organizations may submit nominations for consideration by the Board of Trustees.
Examples of Prior Preservation Awards include:

Restoration of the façade of the 18th century building at 305 Cameron Street by its owner with removal of many layers of paint from the brick, sensitive re-pointing of mortar joints and repainting of wooden trim in the historic color, based on paint analysis

Restoration of the façades of the early 19th century warehouses at 107-109 King Street with removal of paint from the brick and installation of lighting which highlights the architectural features of the buildings

Rehabilitation of the facades of the historic 19th century warehouses at 205 and 207 South Union Street

Restoration of the façade of the Victorian commercial building at 913 King Street

Restoration of the Greek Revival entrance doorway trim at 227 South Fairfax Street, which had been removed during the late 20th century and replaced with Colonial Revival trim (the original Greek Revival trim elements had been retained in storage in the basement of the building)

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Carlyle HouseBuilt c. 1785 and enlarged in 1792, Gadsby's Tavern was a central part of the social, economic, political, and educational life of the city of Alexandria, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.

Carlyle House Bird's Eye View of Alexandria by Charles Magnus shows the city during Union occupation in 1863.