The Historic Alexandria Foundation

HAF Programs Overview

The protection and preservation of historic structures and artifacts in Alexandria demands constant vigilance on the part of an educated and involved citizenry. Our 21st-century wired world places high value on technology and a fast-paced commercial growth that all too often ignores the informative role that an understanding of history and appreciation of local heritage play in enriching our lives and in shaping our future. Visitors to Alexandria respond viscerally to the beauty and charm of our “preserved” city, but all too often do not comprehend the decades of citizen activism that have been required to safeguard this heritage so rich. Education and Advocacy are the fundamental cornerstones of preserving the past.

Carlyle HouseBuilt c. 1785 and enlarged in 1792, Gadsby's Tavern was a central part of the social, economic, political, and educational life of the city of Alexandria, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.

Carlyle House Bird's Eye View of Alexandria by Charles Magnus shows the city during Union occupation in 1863.